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WAVE 1 Splat Gear✦ Holo Stickers

These squid weapon stickers are printed on matte sticker paper with a laser holo laminate. These are NOT vinyl and may not be suitable for car and outdoor applications. 

✦Dimensions: ~3 inches

✦Laser Holographic Laminate


✦Get 3 stickers for $7 using code STICKER3. This can only be used once per order.

✦Get 5 stickers for $12 using code STICKER 5. 


--- WAVE 1 ---

N-Zap '85

Splat Roller



Undercover Brella

Dark Tetra Dualies


More waves coming soon!

WAVE 1 Splat Gear✦ Holo Stickers

  • ✦How to care for your stickers!✦

    Matte, Glossy, & Sheets

    • Avoid moisture and liquids! (These are not car decals!)
    • Be cautious of high friction areas, as your sticker may become scratched over time!


    • Moisture may be okay, but prolongued exposure will result in peeling and weathering of the art.


    • Unless also vinyl, follow guidelines for normal stickers. (The laminate film may not fully protect your sticker!)
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