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This is a dedicated portfolio containing both original and fanart catalogues for artist alleys! Since my shop is occasionally closed for travel, this page will always be available for viewing.

Not all available products are shown, and may not have product photos at the moment.

Please note: The table example includes both original and fan art designs at a convention with no restrictions. Conventions which restrict fan art sales and displays will have stock altered to adhere to these rules.
Thank you! :) ​


Current 2023 Convention Schedule

Ohayocon ​


Animate! Columbus





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*This space is only for conventions that allow fanart. Fan content will not be brought to spaces that do not allow it. Thank you!*

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About Me!

My name is Sam and I'm an Illustrator, Designer, and Columbus local!

I draw all things cute, colorful, and bubbly, and I especially love designing stationery and accessories! I've been running my own online shop since 2015, starting out on Etsy with shrink plastic charms and stickers. I have since migrated to my own platform, upgraded my studio and merchandise, and I frequent both local and out of state conventions. This is my full time job alongside freelance designing!

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