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My name is Sam Shainoff, and I’m an Illustrator & Designer currently residing in Columbus, Ohio. 

I started attending the Columbus College of Art & Design in 2017, and graduated in 2021 with a BFA in Illustration. During my time at CCAD, I explored a variety of art styles and career paths, and found that I enjoyed myself in so many of them. I find that I especially love to work with Illustration, Visual Development, and Product Design. I’m most inspired by bright, vibrant, and colorful themes, and often create art that celebrates the happy and bubbly things in life, like cute animals!

In 2015, I started creating art for products and merchandise. My first design sold in stores was a My Little Pony shirt that could be found in HotTopic! You can also find my work in the My Little Pony TCG series. Later, my work was featured at Tennocon on mousepads and hoodies, sold by ForFansByFans and licensed with Digital Extremes. I currently run my own shop and attend various conventions in the Midwest selling my own art!

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