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✦PRE ORDER ✦ Sonic Mini Charms

✦PRE ORDER ✦ Sonic Mini Charms



PRE-ORDERS will NOT ship until the product is produced and ready. Please see ETA for estimated fulfilment time. If your order includes a Pre-Order item, it will not ship until all items are available. Please seperate ready-to-ship items if you want them to ship as soon as possible.

✦Please note that KNUCKLES will currently be printed on FROSTED acrylic. This means it will have a slight transparency. EGGMAN will be printed on metalic acrylic with a shiny effect. Everyone else will be printed on colored acrylic. All charms are single sided due to the limitations of the material.

ETA: Late June/July. May be extended due to assembly time!


✦Size (without clasp or accessory): ~1 inch (Small!)

✦Available accessories: Phone Charm, Keychain Clasp (Necklace cord not currently available)

Phone charm color will vary depending on availability, and will match your character choice!

*Please allow for color differences due to the nature of specialty acrylics, as well as screen appearances*

✦PRE-ORDER BONUS: Includes matching mini sticker!





    • I do not accept returns. 


    • I gladly accept cancellations
      Please contact me within: 12 hours of purchase.


    • I wil gladly accept refunds if something is wrong with your order.
    • Please contact me within: 7 days of delivery along with proof of damage or issues. 
    • Replacements or refunds for lost items must provide proof of USPS lost item reports. 

    Processing time: 3-7* days (depending on workload)

     *This does not include shipping time

    Unless using snail mail, all orders include a tracking number.

    • Orders selecting snail mail will be mailed via letter, and do not include a tracking number. Delivery times may vary depending on the time of year. 

    Items are shipped from the United States (Ohio). At this time, I currently offer shipping within the US and Canada. International shipping coming soon)

    PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS. I am not responsible for packages after they are shipped. I do not accepted refunds, exchanges, or replacements for items sent to the wrong address. 


    Pin orders can sometimes arrive with a few faulty or damaged pins. I sell these at a discount depending on the severity of the issues!

    A Grade / Standard

    • Mostly perfect, if not flawless. May have a very minor speck hardly visible to the naked eye, or a minor scratch on the back.This is normal!

    B Grade 

    • 1-2 visible flaws such as ink spots or plating scratches that are more noticeable but still fairly close to the intended design!

    C Grade 

    • 2-3 visible flaws that are much more noticeable. These can be more extreme damages or color differences of ink/plating.

    F Grade

    • 3+ very visible flaws. These tend to be the wild and wacky ones that weren't even close to making the cut! Very noticeable color differences, damages, or major mistakes such as over or under filling of ink. The cheapest price you'll find!
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